A proven record of cutting taxes and balancing the State budget

  • Supported six tax cuts during the 88th General Assembly resulting in over $35 million in taxpayer savings.
    • Voted FOR an additional cut in grocery taxes
    • Supported bill to raise the tax exemption on a used car purchase from $2100 to $4000
    • Helped create jobs by supporting a bill to reduce sales taxes on manufacturers
    • Co-sponsored a bill creating an annual “Sales Tax Holiday” to assist families and retailers during the critical “back-to-school” shopping period.
    • Assisted working families by supporting a tax credit for parents who are a single head-of-household.
    • Helped pass a bill supporting economic development in the tourism and agriculture businesses by providing tax credits for sustainable Geotourism enterprises.

A friend to the businesses who are leading the economic recovery in Arkansas

  • Sponsored a bill preventing usage of federal stimulus funds from unfairly competing against private telecom industry.
  • Sponsored legislation to protect Arkansans from out-of-state predatory lenders and overzealous gold buyers.
  • Co-Sponsored legislation protecting scrap metal brokers and other Arkansas recycling businesses.

** passed legislation preventing and eliminating certain transfer fees in real estate transactions in the State of Arkansas.

Committed to the people of Hot Springs and Garland County

  • Served as sponsor in the House of Representatives for the legislation that allowed Garland County voters to approve a badly needed new detention center.
  • Supported state funding needed for new construction at the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts.
  • Worked to secured additional highway funding for the widening of US Highway 70 from Hot Springs to Interstate 40.
  • Worked with other Garland County legislators and the state Highway Commission to continue working on the northern expansion of the MLK Expressway.

Protecting our young people

  • Sponsored legislation to ban the sale of synthetic marijuana, commonly known as “K2”, and other illegal substances in Arkansas.
  • Passed legislation expanding and encouraging the usage of identification cards for Arkansas minors.

“Here are the issues that are most important to me as your Representative”

  • Further developing the economy in Hot Springs, Garland County and Arkansas.
  • Seeking new ways and industries to create more and better job opportunities.
  • Continuing the search for ways to cut wasteful spending and achieve greater efficiency in State government.
  • Finding ways to protect and enhance funding for our public schools and universities.
  • Making certain that the Legislature always maintains a balanced budget.